Business Agility

When was the last time you had an honest look at your business? 

Are you maintaining status quo because it provides a certain degree of comfort?  

If the business space in which you operate underwent radical change, would you have the capacity to ride the wave or would you be the victim of a wipe out? 

Many business owners that I have dealt with, have been so focused on being “Firefighters”, that their ability to step away and look at their business objectively, has been hampered. Old thought patterns can be detrimental on the long-term viability of your business. 

The global marketplace place is changing minute by minute and none of us can afford to be left behind. Business agility requires you to be a seeker of knowledge and there is an incredible amount of content available to consume via; 

  • Podcasts 
  • Vlogs 
  • Books – hardcopy, digital & audio 

I am not suggesting that everything you consume will be valuable, however it opens you up to new possibilities. New ideas can revive the passion you have for the business, which would have flow on effects including staff morale, increased sales numbers and the ability to move with the times. 

Some of you will prefer face to face information gathering via; 

  • Networking groups – referral business can add needed cashflow quickly 
  • Talking with a mentor – someone in business that you admire and wish to emulate 
  • A business coach – a person that holds you accountable and assists with the quick implementation of new ideas and strategies to keep your business current 

Listed below, is your mission should you choose to accept it; 

  1. Examine your competitors, gather information on what they do well. Are there concepts that you could easily adapt into your present business model? 
  2. Who do you deal with as a consumer? Why do you repeatedly do business with them? What ideas could you implement? 
  3. Talk with your staff. Have an idea generation session 
  4. Keep an open mind, inspiration can come from the most unusual sources and at the most unexpected times 

The biggest concept to take away is that you need to look up and outside of the four walls of your business, be open to new ideas in whatever form they come in and be brave enough to try something new.