The Cashflow Masterclass

Sick of being a slave to your business and being in “survival mode”? Looking to turn it around & take control - you are in the right place
Cashflow Masterclass is an ongoing Group Coaching Cashflow Program for businesses that are wanting to continue to grow

Members have increased accountability for results in their business through Coach and Peer accountability. Board members meet for a half day each month plus have the opportunity for both Peer and Coach Accountability calls. They have full access to all the Coursework from the other Cashflow courses.

Board Members have a strategic focus with a solid Business Plan and regular reviews of this. For the first time in their business they get the opportunity to get on the “front foot” and really build their cashflow and their business.

We then move you into the driver’s seat and teach you how to take full control. How to develop and manage your business looking forward, being able to see and create opportunities, and plan and manage the key drivers of your business. These Strategies build on each other to deliver even greater results for your Bank Account. You will make major changes to how your business operates including:  

  • Knowing where to find Cash in your Business and squeeze every dollar from it
  • Continued Growth in your Bank Balance
  • Use Financials to drive success in your Business through the Drivers behind them
  • Improve your Cashflow and know how to keep it that way moving forward
  • Set your Cashflow Dashboard so you know exactly where you are at
  • Understanding business smarts, margins and profitability and made some significant changes to smash your business cashflow challenges
  • Plan your Cashflow moving forward to avoid any nasty surprises
  • Minimize Inventory to keep Cash in your Bank
  • Master your three key Financial Statements – Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Statement – both historical and forecasts
  • Forecast your Cashflow with certainty through detailed Business Planning
  • Understand the rules around Asset and Business Protection to safeguard your future

You will see your stress levels dissipate month by month and your energy and outlook improve massively as your business starts to deliver.

Course consist of:

  • Monthly half day Board Meeting
  • Peer and Coach Accountability
  • Learning videos
  • Workbooks
  • Live Webinar Coaching Sessions
  • Q&A Workshops

Our Commitment: This will cost you nothing or less………

We GUARANTEE to help you find Cashflow in your business. If you attend all the Coaching Sessions, complete the Webinars and Assignments in the timeframe required and you still are unable to recoup your investment plus some, we will work with you free of charge until you do.

Cashflow Masterclass


Firstly, we take you through the strategies from Smarter Business Stronger Cashflow to make sure you get every cent from your current business. Implementing eight key strategies across the year.

Secondly, we make sure these concepts are locked down and your business is generating the cashflow it is capable of.

Cashflow Masterclass (Payment Plan)

$1,375.00 / month for 12 months

Rather than pay upfront, we also provide a payment plan option of $1375 a month for 12 months.


Street smart tactics for profit growth and improved cash flow, delivered in a way that is to the point and easy to understand.



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